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viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

First steps to become a writer

Dear traveler,

Welcome to this tavern for wizard trainees. Before starting, I want to introduce a little more about this place. Wizard is not only someone who practices sorcery. Wizard is a person who is outstandingly clever in some specified field, an expert of something. For that reason this tavern is open to all travelers around the world who wants to improve their talent to become successful in the Art of writing.   

Let’s start then with three key aspects that will help you to develop your writing skills:

1.     Read. Read a lot! If you want to be an author it’s completely necessary reading a lot. It will be the key for your success (believe in this modest landlady). Reading everything you can will give you more ideas and understand the better way to start writing your novel. I’m not talking about copying, of course! That’s only inspiration from the best ones. I recommend you to read all kind of genres to learn more.

2.     Write, write and write a little more. No one teaches you how to write. There’s a popular quote that says: “the best way to learn how to write, is writing”. It explains all you have to do, traveler, if you want to reach your goals. When I started writing I described everything I could. Save time for it every day (even if it were only 15 minutes a day). It’s important to commit oneself in this, because is the only way to improve your writing skills.

3.     Start small. If you’re a beginner don’t try to start with a novel of 365 pages. It’s easier and more productive starting with short stories or essays as your first job. Gradually your work will be larger (and better written)

That’s all for the moment, adventurer. Practice with that three key aspects and, If you want me to write more posts in English version, please tell me!

2 comentarios:

  1. Great first post in English - fab points too!


    1. Thanks a lot, Laura! I'll write more posts in English soon ^^


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